Every one of us - through our actions and decisions - has a responsibility, an ability, and an opportunity to contribute to the                  world's response to COVID-19. We want to assure you that Zap Consulting and HVAC Consulting prioritize safety and health                while ensuring continued service to our clients.

We have activated our crisis management team in response to COVID-19 to monitor and respond to the situation. We are following guidance from the World Health Organization (WHO), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and local government regulations and containment measures. Additionally, we are maintaining open communication with our employees, clients, and other involved parties  in order to assess and confirm the safety of areas that may be inspected. 

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The Truth About R-22

With the R-22 phaseout complete as of January 1, 2020, claims professionals may see an influx in HVAC claims in 2020 and the years to come. What do you need to know to in order to correctly assess claims?

2020 Insights Report

Utilizing data from thousands of HVAC assisnments received by HVAC Consulting in 2019, we have created this free report specifically for claim professionals to assist you in navigating HVAC claims.

Zap Celebrates 10 Years

Zap Consulting has achieved a major milestone: 10 years of successful business operation. Originally launched to service the Carolinas, Zap has grown into an expert powerhouse with over 3,000 technicians.

Why Choose HVAC Consulting?

We know that adjusters are always busy and stretched in many directions. And when it comes to HVAC claims, time is of the essence.

HVAC Consulting's purpose is to ensure that claims are being settled quickly and accurately. When you submit an assignment to us, you should expect:

Excellent customer service

Expert field technicians

Current market pricing estimates

Cause of loss determination

Clear recommendation

Documentation verification

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HVAC Consulting is the industry leader in accurate, unbiased HVAC assessments. Our nationwide team of certified technicians bring decades of experience, training, and expertise in diagnosing commercial and residential system failures.


By pairing our on-site investigations with diligent in-house review, our reports provide claim professionals with clear cause-of-loss determinations, a straightforward repair vs. replacement recommendation, and the most current market pricing for parts, materials, and accurate labor rates throughout the country. With our report in hand, you will have everything you need to resolve your HVAC claim with confidence - and an expert consulting firm behind you.

Systems Assessed

Commercial Refrigeration

Make-Up Air Units

Packaged Units

Split Systems

Heat Pumps

PTAC Units





"Very timely service and report, great explanation!"

—  David, Field Claim Rep III

About HVAC Consulting

HVAC Consulting was created to simplify HVAC claims for all involved. Founded in 2010, Zap and HVAC Consulting now provide hundreds of insurance companies and thousands of claims professionals with the support of a firm of consultants working together to defer fraud, facilitate the claims process, and remain unbiased in each and every assignment.

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Our outstanding services pair a field inspection with an in-house research process conducted by our team of professional Report Analysts.


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