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We know that adjusters are always busy and stretched in many directions. But when it comes to HVAC claims, time is of the essence. No one is happy when their air conditioning or heat is out. Adjusters want to provide their policyholder with quick service but must know if the loss is covered, and if so, are they paying the right amount? Sometimes there is a lack of information provided by the insured's contractor or they are not clear on the scope of their estimate. Time spent going back and forth with the contractor only compounds the delays. All parties involved start to get frustrated and no one should have to experience this situation.

HVAC Consulting offers services to ensure that HVAC claims are being settled quickly and accurately. Using us is as simple as clicking the Submit Assignment button. You will receive an immediate acknowledgement letter and we will make same-day contact with your insured. Once our onsite inspection is performed, we will send you a complete report with the determined cause of loss, settlement recommendations and photos. You may contact our office at any point during our investigation at or by phone at 888-406-0980.

"Very timely service and report, great explanation!" David - Field Claim Rep III

"Thank you for the very fast and excellent service!"  Elizabeth - Claims Examiner

"You folks are amazing! You made my job a lot easier with such professional and speedy service." Thomas - Inside Claim Representative


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