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Misdiagnosed Ceiling Stains

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When evaluating damage to a ceiling around an HVAC vent, multiple factors should be considered. These types of damages are often misdiagnosed and are not always caused by a roof leak or condensate line backup in an attic. Here are three of the most common causes for ceiling staining around HVAC vents:

Dirty Air Filters

When air filters are clogged, cold air cannot move out of the system, which causes a backup and creates moisture when it encounters cold air from a blower.

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Improper Seals

When vents are not properly sealed, it causes cold air to leak out. When the cold air escapes prior to exiting the vent, it will mix with humid air creating condensation.

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Lack of Insulation

One of the main causes of water staining around air vents is lack of insulation in the attic space. A proper amount of insulation prevents warm air from an attic meeting cool air from an HVAC system, preventing condensation.

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